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    Hi Les and welcome to the forum although I’m sure you’d rather not be here. Quite a different on set to me but we’re the same age and the impact on our lives is probably much the same. As many have already said this is a great place for advice, support and fellowship. Best wishes to you.


      Welcome to the forum Les. It’s great for support and information. Best wishes to you.xx


        Welcome to the forum, I'm sure you'll find there's lots of support and information available here.



          welcome to the forum here. Sorry to read your diagnosis. I know how this feels as I have been diagnosed with ALS October in 2021. I am just 45 so I think a bit younger then many here. My left hand is weak and has visible muscular atrophy but I can hide this. Everything else seem fine.

          stay strong



            lesc you describe almost word for word my own experience of diagnosis, especially the fairly sudden onset footdrop in one foot, having to have legs warmed up for emg, poor circulation in lower legs, rapid decline in walking, unable to get up stairs/steps unless I pull myself up on stair rails etc, and no other obvious cause for this. I was only in my 40s. Those symptoms were almost 11 years ago and it is still predominantly a legs/walking thing for me.

            Try to keep positive and adapt, and it sounds that you are with a foot support. I've used a mobility scooter for 10 years to get out and about, but can still get around my house using a walking stick/holding onto furniture.

            All the best, Olivia.


              welcome fellow traveller Onwards, with several bumps in the road i'm afraid. you've joined a very warm, if motley crew, and we're with you every step, shuffle, keyboard stroke of the way. xx