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  • Deb
    Hi Diamond 123 and welcome to our friendly forum, it's a great place for advice and support.

    I am so sorry you are worried about your symptoms. Waiting for the results of tests and then to see consultants is so stressful and uncertain.

    I am sure there will be others on here to give you more knowledgeable advice than me because there are folks on here who have lived with the condition for many years.

    I had lots of tests for walking difficulties but MND was only confirmed after an EMG so it's good that yours was clear.

    Fingers crossed for you that you get some answers soon and it's not MND,
    Love Debbie x

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  • Gillette
    Hi Diamond and welcome to the forum.

    I can't really make any useful comments about your symptoms but I sincerely hope that you don't have MND. I also hope that the doctors soon manage to establish what is happening to you and are able to treat whatever it is, effectively.

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  • Terry
    Hi Diamond and welcome to the forum;

    I'am no specialist but I don't think I've hear of Mnd progressing in that way at the start but they can progress to affect them areas.

    I would pester your neurologist for answers and \I hope you don't become a permanent member here.

    Best wishes, Terry

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    Diamond, sorry about your symptoms hope it isn’t brain tumour cancer in brain. The MND can be with you for a while before a formal diagnosis.
    I was formally diagnosed 5yrs ago. Before that I had pain in my left hip and was tripping a few times. I now cannot walk and talk. But my MND is still down my left side and I have severe drooling from mouth. I can still manage eat up chopped mashed food and my breathing still good. Best wishes John

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  • Diamond123
    started a topic Some advice please

    Some advice please

    Hi, please could I ask for some advice.

    I am a 37 year old female and have numerous symptoms which I think could indicate MND. I have seen a neurologist and have had some tests including an EMG which was normal and other tests which have ruled out myasthenia gravis.

    My symptoms are confined to my upper body. I have a problem with my neck muscles being very weak making it difficult for me to hold my head up. Muscles in my back and chest feel tight. My chest muscles ache and I struggle to take a deep breath. I have muscle twitching all over and have lost weight from my chest area, arms and legs. In the last week my tongue has started to feel swollen, aches and I feel it's catching on my teeth...very odd. My arms, legs and hands work ok although right hand seems slightly weaker.

    I am concerned that the neurologist can't tell me what is wrong with me or how to get better.

    From what I have read MND presents differently in different people but I wondered if anyone had experienced similar symptoms at an early stage?

    I have 2 young children and am really hoping this isn't MND but don't we all........

    Thankyou for reading and any advice is appreciated.