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    Dear Diary…

    People affected by MND are being invited to leave a written legacy for future generations by recording details of a day in their life as part of a long-standing social history project.

    The Mass Observation Archive has been capturing the every day lives of people from across the UK each 12 May since 1937 – the day of George VI’s Coronation. The resulting diaries, stored in the University of Sussex’s archive in Brighton have become an invaluable historic resource and a fascinating glimpse into life across generations of Britons.

    With the Association marking its 40th anniversary people affected by the disease have been invited to record their experiences for capturing in the archive, providing an insight for our ancestors into life in 2019.

    Submitted diaries, which can be typed or handwritten, are retained anonymously with no personal details requested or recorded.

    For more information about how to share your diary from 12 May – which this year falls on a Sunday – please visit the Mass Observation website.

    You can also get involved on social media by tweeting details of your day #12May19
    Our working hours are Monday to Friday 8:30am until 5pm

    Hello admin,

    Just an observation on my part but we never have 2 days the same and Sunday 12th May will not be a typical day. Of course by the time this message is viewed on Monday it will be all over.

    I’m going to do this even if it kills me!